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Women’s Self defense Seminar – “Twelve Things every Woman Should Know”
This seminar is designed for the purpose of providing practical, physical self defense techniques as well as vitally important awareness and precautionary skills. Those attending the seminar will learn a variety of techniques to protect themselves in a number of different situations.

Among the topics covered will be:
• Three primary targets
• Fundamental striking techniques
• Weapons of opportunity
• Wrist locks
• Grabs from in front and behind
• Basic ground defenses
• Awareness and precautionary skills
• And many more…

This seminar is designed as a three hour seminar but can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
Fee - $2995 (plus travel expenses if more than a three hour drive from St. Louis, MO)

Child Safety SeminarDwight Trower’s Child Safety Seminar has been taught to thousands of families.
The main focus of the program is to teach parents and their children how to properly prepare their young child for dealings with strangers.

The three main goals of the program are to:
1. Educate parents on how to talk with their children about dealing with strangers
2. Teach children how to properly use their most valuable weapon (Their voice)
3. Give the children some practical physical techniques to use in the event they are ever in danger

This program also covers important topics like:
• How to identify potentially dangerous situations
• How to identify responsible adults a child can turn to for help
• What parents and children should do if a child ever becomes lost
• And many more important topics…

This seminar is designed as a one-hour seminar and has been taught at many elementary schools and PTO functions. It is designed for both parents and children to attend.
Fee - $1995 in the St. Louis area ($2995 plus travel expenses if more than a three hour drive from St. Louis, MO)


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